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Fishing Report


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Got there late morn Wed. Although granted, it was a nice day, when I got there I counted 35 cars in the parking lot!! Don't you people have to work! :) So if you are looking for solitude - it's not here. But right off the bat as I started fishing a Bald eagle flew right overhead with his big trout so that was pretty cool. Then I did manage to walk way down to the flats and get out of the crowd. The outlets were kind of silly - literally shoulder to shoulder. Guess I have learned about myself that I have caught enough big fish in my life that I am not willing to stand in a crowded mall just to catch another. So I went downstream. Caught quite a few on gray scuds - about size 16 - about 18 inches under an indicator. Did see the biggest fish of the trip crusing the flats - had to be pushing 20 pounds - I tried to convince her to slow down awhile but she kept going. (probably going to outlet 2) :huh:

Left at dark and then came back at 10:30 to fish late - there were still 12 cars in the parking lot!!! By 2 or so it had pretty much cleared out - although it sounds like Phil and Leonard were there - I must have just missed you guys - caught a dozen or so - about half browns, biggest one was 17" - so no monsters. Caught most on a white beadhead wooly - not moving it, just drifting. They wouldn't hit it if I was stripping it that night.

Good trip, just crowded. Do those guys that stay in the same place at the outlets all day have some kind of boots that are permantly anchored to the bottom of the lake in "their" spot? Then they just slip into those in the morning and leave at night??? I kid you not that I saw several of the exact same people fishing the same little trickle flowing into the river when I left at dark as was there when I got there in the morning. Hadn't moved more then two feet in either direction - only the fact that they were vertical kept me from holding a mirror in front of their mouth to check for breath. :rolleyes:


"We are living in the midst of a Creation that is mostly mysterious - that even when visible, is never fully imaginable".

-Wendell Berry-

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"Government subsidized trout fishing"



"There he stands, draped in more equipment than a telephone lineman, trying to outwit an organism with a brain no bigger than a breadcrumb, and getting licked in the process." - Paul O’Neil

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