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Peppy Scud

Phil Lilley

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Peppy Scud

by Rolan Duffield

Hook: Mustad #3906 or TMC 3769, sizes 12-18

Thread: Uni-Thread Gray

Material: Peppy blended with gray antron. Note: Peppy was our cockapoo dog who's fur got sheared in the spring. A great friend. It's a medium to dark gray fur.


Step #1 Wray the hook shank with lead wire. Use .020 for size #12, .010 for sizes 14 - 18. Then wrap the hook and wire with gray thread.


Step #2 Apply about 3-inches of the dubbing fur to the tying thread. Space the dubbing so it's a consistent thickness along the thread.


Step #3 Twist the bobbin and the thread until the dubbing forms a rather tight bond to the thread. Holding the lower end of the dubbing, wrap it onto the hook. The example show the hook about half wrapped.


Step #4 This example shows the fly is almost complete. Note the bulges and irregular body.


Step #5 Pick out the bulges using your thumbnail and forefinger. The body should be reasonably thin and consistant in thickness.

Step #6 Take a pick and pick out some of the fibers on both the bottom and top sides of the fly.


Stap #7 Pull the fibers up and trim the top of the fly. The length of the fibers should be about the width of the hook. Perform this same procedure for the fibers on the bottom of the fly. Trim off the tail fibers.

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Thanks Rolan and Phil


"My biggest worry is that my wife (when I'm dead) will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it" - Koos Brandt

Greg Mitchell

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