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Can there be no generation and still be massive amounts of water coming through? The gage still says up in the 10k's. Or is the river level just dropping right now?

Yes. You can have water with and without generation. They have been running water thru the conduit gates and thru the generators. They did quit generating today for awhile but they increased the water coming out of the conduit gates. Im betting when the lake gets to 632 the conduit gates will probably close, then water will come thru the generators when they generate for power. They did put in a sluice tube for water flow when they are not generating. 3 different things here. The sluice tube is what gives us water during non generation, wasnt much but was something. Anyone else care to add anything, thats what I've come to learn from others so I believe all of this to be correct.


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They still are pumping some water to offset what was dumped into the lake from the Upper Illinois. We decided to not float it after they bumped it up over 5,000cfs. That's a lot of water for that small river channel. Soon as they cut back the flows, we will float it and chase some stripers!

I floated the river last weekend when it was about 2k. Nice float few fish, managed a couple trout and did not see any stripers.

on an indefinite search for the next challege with a fly rod....

Mend!! darn It!! Mend!!

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