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Cinco De Mayo Report


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I fished a little charity tournament today out of Baxter. 14 and change to win, big bass over 7, and 10 and change to cash a check, we had the crying spot with a limit of smallmouth 9.84#. :oh-noes:

What we did for what it is worth....

4" smoke/copper flake grub, 1/4 oz head, secondary points, with a little wind exposure, and wood. We caught a bunch of fish from short spots and smallies to monster goggle eyes along with the five keepers. Boat started in 30' and we worked in as the day progressed.

I wish we could have found some big heads, but it was a still a fun day on the water.

If anyone wants more detail just ask.

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If I find them I'll post them here. I know that the last check was 10 something, but didn't pay much attention after I heard the 10.

Do you know where the results are posted? We left early and weighed in 10.21.... didn't think it had a chance because of several bigger bags weighed in. Thanks

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