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Fishing With Kids


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My son and I fished Mike Webb's K.A.S.T. for kids tournament this weekend. What a great time we had. This is great time of year to take a kid fishing. The Take-Kid-Fishing tournament out of Cape Fair should really be good for the kidos. My son threw a grub most of the day and caught plenty of fish. With the cloud cover and wind I had to try it.....I threw a Pro blue mega bass and it landed me a 5.88. Just prior to cathcing this fish I hooked a really fat keeper kentucky. I knew I didn't have it hooked very well. When you hear stories of knocking a fish off with a net....well it happened. I could tell he was upset, but that is part of fishing. We stopped and talk about netting fish for a bit. Off course he was on me saying I should have hooked it better. At 13 years of age they know it all. lol It wasn't 15 minutes later and I hooked this girl. There's no other person I would want in my boat to net this fish. He got her netted like a pro. This is only a three fish tournament and we had little over 10 pounds with three. We fished from Joe Bald to Baxter main lake and secondary points. post-11668-0-81370600-1367855084_thumb.j

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Not much better than spending time in the outdoors fishing with your kids. Just being in that different environment allows for another level of communication. Sounds like a memorable day for the two of you. Thanks for the report.

"Water is the driving force of all Nature."  -Leonardo da Vinci
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