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Report 5-5-13

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My wife and i took our 2 kids fishing today and it was a lot windier and a little chillier than the weather man had predicted! Launched outta Hawker round 2pm and after fishing different places for awhile, we found our spot about 5. From 5-7:30 we caught 11 walleye(4 keepers), 2 crappie, and 6 small largemouth. 2 of the walleye were 18in and pretty thick. It was like a switch flipped on,the clouds broke,the sun came out, and the wind laid a little. All fish were caught trolling cranks in 14-21 fow. 2 trips in a row where the wind was very stout, but brought home 2 limits of walleye. Dunno what that means for sure. If interested,pic below. Good luck out there guys.


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Any tips to where you were finding fish ? Points or banks ? heading up tonight

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...3 keepers this morning...all 20' ... hasn't seemed to matter, points, coves, bluffs..just 20'and everything I get I get on crawler harness or just jig and crawler...

A strike indicator is just a bobber...

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