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The Big M 5/7/2013


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Caught close to 20 black bass today, but not one keeper. Mainly 12-14" spots and a couple of smallies. Most came on a t-rigged Zoom Ultravibe Speed craw, a few on a Shakeyhead with a trick worm, and a couple on a wakebait. Morning was slow, things started picking up in the afternoon. Water temps in the AM were around 59, but were close to 62 when I left. For some reason there is a bunch of moss on the bottom in the point 23 area. Lots of it also in the buckbrush in the backs of the coves. Most of the beds I saw did not have fish on them, but there were males cruising in the area nearby. Quite a bit of shad back in the coves and pockets.

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Thanks for the report. I heard there wasn't much wind today. With this clear water that can make it tough. I am glad to hear the water is warming up again. I hope to be fishing late Thursday.

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