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5/8 Kimberling City


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Had to come back home this morning, so we only had a couple hours to fish. Hit the water about 7:30, fished until 9:00.


Stayed in KC and fished chunk rock/pea gravel shoreline. Held boat in 30+ feet of water, about 3 cast lengths from shore. Throwing PB&J Ned rig in towards shore at 45 degree angle; most bites in about 20 feet of water.


When youre not moving the bait, Let it sit for 10+ seconds on bottom (at least) then sssslllllowwwlllyyy drag it towards the boat. Then let it sit, Or as my buddy and I joked about, "let your pot soak"(Deadliest Catch TV show reference.:-P)


Caught about 11 in the hour and a half. 3 keepers, couple nice fat kantucks and a long, lean 2.5 pound smallie.


Had to put the boat on the trailer and head home.:-(


Hope this helps!:-).......good luck.

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