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High Water Fishing Report 5/7


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I kayaked down the James Wednesday. The river was a little higher than I like, since I like to wade fish, and did very little paddling all the way down to the takeout. It turned out to be a great day fishing,caught a crazy amount of smallmouth and goggle-eyes. I returned all of them safely to the river but one . I thought I saw a piece of a soft swimbait sticking out of its throat, so I got my pliers and pulled it out. It just slid right out. As you can see it was partially digested fish. It did not hurt the fish and she was returned to the water unharmed but probably piss off. I caught some fish with strange wounds. On one of the picture the fish has several marks on it's back and another one has a mark on it's tail. I thought maybe from gigging but someone at work said maybe birds? One of the fish had only one eye. Of course these are only a few of the largest, I know I post too many pictures. CATCHING AND RELEASING









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Everyone likes pictures, although some people will say you are "advertising" how good the James is. Whatever. If I get a chance I'll hit the lower stretches this weekend.

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Please do not fish in the James River. Let this serve as a warning. The James River always has a high e.coli level, loaded with trash and party crowds, broken bottles on the bank, sharp rocks hiding under the surface, water moccasins, snapping turtles, I think sharks have also been seen in the river, and bluffs where people can throw things down on you while you are fishing. The fish in this post weren't even caught in the James.

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