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Big M 5/10/2013


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Got out a little late this morning, wish I would have left earlier as there was a decent topwater bite early. I didn't catch any big fish on the topwater, but had a few blowups that looked to be good sized fish, for some reason the bigger fish were missing it or knocking it sideways and the smaller guys were finding the hooks. I was using a Yozuri Wack-o which is a 4" pencil popper that also has some walk the dog action. Sporadic topwater blowups would happen in the backs of coves and pockets and if you could lay a topwater on them, they would usually hit it.

Caught a couple on the grub, a few on the shakey head, and a couple c-rigging the UV speed craw. Got about 20 total with a couple of keepers, mostly spots, couple of smallies and a few LM's.

Water temps were 64-64.

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