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Dam Area Fishing Report 5/11


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Put in at the state park around 9:00am.got off the water around 5:00pm. Fished really close to the ramp for a bit . I think I seen Bill Bab first thing this morning, gave him the thumbs up or thumbs down . Seemed like he had a good day started. We had an absalute blast today. Caught well over 40 fish, with 11 keeps. And some really nice gogs too. All of our fish came out of 20 ft all the way to 5ft Pretty crazy that you can find bed fish in twenty feet of water, and sight fish them. Small drop shot worm was the bait today,'fished on 30lb power pro braid, attached with the uni to uni and 8lb floro. Texas rigged it on a size one gamagtzu Ewg. Seen a ton of bed fish today. A lot of spots , a couple of smallies and several large mouth . Seen some really big fish today on beds. My brother picked up a cruiser that was 20ft down as it was swimming under the boat . some of the most fun fishing I have ever had. And I fish a ton!!! At one point in the back of a pocket . I seen all three species of fish on beds , huge shad , or skip jack running around . A school of 10 huge carp . And a school of 10-15 large mouth all about 2lbs . It was like the bass pro aquarium! I would say that 1/3 of our fish were on beds. Pretty much every thing we caught was post spawn with the exception of a smallmouth and a couple spots. Best five would have went 14lbs or so. Just an exceptionally fun day . The rock is pretty much on fire right now from what I seen today.

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