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The Big M 5/13/2013


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Launched early today, threw my first cast at 0600 and had my first bite on that cast. Good morning for topwaters, caught a couple of dozen on the topwaters and a half dozen or so on bottom dragging stuff (craws and Biffle Bugs). Around 8 or 9 keepers, but nothing over 2 lbs. Caught most of the fish off a couple of gravel points that were close together, fish were anywhere from 3 FW out to 20, chasing shad. Mostly spots, a couple of LM, and one meanmouth. Wind picked up and with the blue skies I was out of there by noon.

Got 10 or so on the Yozuri before the hooks got torn up.

The rest of the topwaters came on the Gunfish.

And the meanie, he wanted that Gunfish, jumped over it and missed it, came back and slammed it again and got hooked.

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