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Water And Fishing Great At Roaring River Water Is Near Normal Again

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Fishing is really good right now, zone 2 is almost back to normal, I caught 4 trout in about
30 minutes this morning, all on a woolybugger, two on black, and two on a dk brown.
Nymph fishing is still the best, but dry fly fishing is getting back on track.
Water is mostly clear, you can see a lot of fish in some of the holes, wear your polarized
sun glasses and you'll be able to see more trout.
Nymphs work great, a lot of the fisherman I'm talking to are using a san juan worm as
their first fly and fishing a copper john, or a zebra midge about 15" under the san juan worm,
and using the a indicator about 3' above the first fly.
Pheasant tails, burlaps, sow bugs, brassies, copper johns and hares ears are all working well.
Starting to see good hatches again, caddis, blue wing olives and tricos, and a few sulphers in the
evenings. Flies like cracklebacks, and wooly worms are working well also, sometimes you'll need to
add some weight to make your flies get down a bit, on all my nymph rigs, I'm running at least one
#4 shot, and sometimes to get deeper and to slow the fly down, more weight might be needed.
Beetles are starting to do well again, warm weather will only make the beetle bite better.
9' leaders are still the norm, and I'm using 6X on nymphs, 5X on buggers and other streamers and
7X on dry flies.
Plastic worms and eggs are still # 1 in zone 1, the electric chicken, John deere, orange/white, and the
pink and white have all been good colors for the past few weeks.
Black spinners, and bright white, and pink spinners have all been good, lots of nice fish being caught on
gold, copper, and silver spoons.
Still some good fish being caught on small crank bait minnow patterns and a good ole rebel mini craw will
catch fish on most days.
If your fishing jigs, the 1/32nd and heavier have been good, black/yellow, white, dk. brown, dk olive and chartreuse/pink
have all been good colors.
Zone 3, night crawlers and power bait paste has been good.
Good luck on the river this week

Tim Homesley

23387 st. hwy 112

Cassville, Mo 65625

Roaring River State park

Tim's Fly Shop


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