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Indian Point


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Snuck out last night for a few hours. I had a great weekend of walleye fishing on Stockton so I took 2 friends down last night to Inidan Point. Put out at 5;30 pm. It could not of been any nicer on the lake. Caught 2 fish in my first 3 casts, you love that kind fo a start. Fished in 15 - 35 foot of water. The water definately has a much greener tint to it then what it has been. Smoke colored grub did most of the work. Caiught 2 nice K's on a PBJ jig. Had two smacks on the spook Jr (white/shad color) and right at the end of the night had a real nice one smash it. I had him on for a few cranks and then.....well you know the rest. Heading back out tonight to practice for KVD. Thanks for all the valuable tips this forum is really productive for me in comparison to some of the other lakes !

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Good report 9 lb. and good production for a few hours fishing. I too have improved my fishing on TRL, and a lot quicker learning curve due to the information provided by the members on this forum who don't mind sharing. Thanks to all that contribute!

Born to Fish. Forced to Work.

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