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Anyone Fished Taneycomo?

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I will be heading up to branson for a week at the first of June. Thought I would do some wade fishing one morning, and might even try my hand at some night fishing. I've been reading the taneycomo forum, but wanted to see if anyone around here has any experience/tips to fly fishing it. Thanks in advance.

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Just fish all your typical tailwater stuff like you do on the LIR. Scuds, midges, eggs, worms, etc. It all works. Swinging buggers and slumpbusters are a good too. It should be getting close to terrestrial time too down there so have some foam beetles in the box too. It can be a lot of fun. Don't be afraid to fish the banks too. The fish will move away from the people and sit on the edges where they can sip midges or anything that falls out of the trees.

As far as night fishing goes, purple has been really good to me over the years. Sometimes they want bigger streamers and sometimes they just want a bugger, just gotta keep switching bugs and colors. Make mental notes when you fish during the day of where the holes are as well as structure. Wading around at night is a totally different game. Keep your light off as much as possible and don't shine it toward the area you are fishing if at all possible.

That outta help....


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Ditto on what Chance said. If you want to fish at night, black hibernator with purple polar chenille worked well, for me. If the water is up, you can fish uv scuds under a lighted indicator. Go by Lilleys fly shop for all of that. During the day, #16 soft hackle partridge and orange or green as a dropper on Jeremy Hunt's miracle fly is a good combination. Or #16 and smaller rusty midges will work also.

Have fun and enjoy the river. I hope you get some good wading water.


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