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May 14 Report


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Put in at Pomme about 8:30 this morning. Fished till about 3:30. Water was anywhere from 65 to 69. Windy all day. Water had 3-4 visibility at the dam and about 1/2 that down around the 6 MM on the Pomme side - kind of had a brown stain to it - some pollen on the water too.

We caught 10 keepers and 15+ fish. The biggest went about 4, best 5 went about 13. Broke 3 off on the hookset that I never saw - fishing some pretty rough rock. Caught a few fish scattered around in the morning. All close to secondary pts - a couple right at the bushes but most off a little deeper. Got in one rugged, steep, wind blown cove and caught 4 of our best 5 fish - all in less than an hour. They were scattered all over the cove - the 4 pounder and a 2 1/2 right on the bank, a couple of other solid keepers out in about 12'. Left that cove and came back later in the day and only had one bite. Pretty much everything caught on a jig. Never saw any fish on a bed and all of our fish were healthy - no beat up tails. Saw big shad all day long - flipping around on the surface and up shallow. Got on one windy main lake flat and had 1 or 2 shad follow my spinnerbait back to the boat on about 15 out of 20 casts - never seen that before.

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