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Hi Everyone, I have been reading your site lately as I am planning a trip down to the ozarks mm17 in a few days. I am a CPA from Iowa, just finished up tax season and want to get away for a week. I will be at the lake through the 22nd of May. I will be staying in osage beach and wondered either if anyone recommends a guide that does a little guiding on the side and wouldn't charge an arm and a leg to get out. The second option I am throwing out is if anyone has room on a boat for 2 more this next week at all I would be glad to send a little cash your way. I would like to crappie fish but by the sounds of it the crappies have moved out and the bass are now in the shallows. I am staying right on the water in indian point so I can and will always just dock fish. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and if you have any suggestions please contact me.



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Steve Wilson is a good guide there. Great time to fish , you can catch spawners sight fishing, flip the backs of docks, carolina rig secondary points.

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There is no such thing any longer as a little guiding on the side. You take money to take people fishing you had better be a Federal Captain with a licenses and at least 2 million dollars in insurance coverage. Especially on the Lake of the Ozarks. It is not only State, but Federal Law.

Anyone that take clients or passengers for hire and does not possess these type of credentials is subject to a $5000.00 fine and imprisonment.

Charges or guide fees are a direct result of the experience on the body of water and the cost of maintaining and keeping the quality of equipment that a modern day guide must have, along with everyday cost of bait, fuel, transportation, insurance, advertising. and boats, not to mention repairs and replacements and daily wages.

A good rule of thumb is if a guided fishing trip sounds like it's to much money or to expensive for you it probably is. It is however what the guide has to have to keep his or her business current and take care of a family.

The guides on Lake of the Ozarks are hard working and will work to get you bit regardless of the conditions, and they can be tough on that pond. Not only on clients but the guides and their equipment.

That being said, for a quality bass fishing trip contact Big Ed's Guide Service 573-692-6710. I have fished with Ed. many times and he is very good on LOZ. He and his wife operate Bass-n-Baskets Bed and Breakfast and he is not only a long time resident, but a super guide that will keep you safe on the water and put you on fish.

Good Luck

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I like Ed. He's a hoot to hang out with. He let me tag along before he got his license and after he did I went back and did the paid guided service. By the way couldn't think of a finer place to take the misses to

Wally, could not agree with you more. Those are some fine folks at Bass-N-Baskets and it is my honor to call both Deb and Ed friends. They simply have a beautiful home to share with their guests. Great lake views and Ed will just keep you in Stiches. My wife and I have stayed in the Bass Room and let me tell you, it is first class. The breakfast is wonderful and the fishing is just as good.

Folks if you are in the LOZ area, this is a keeper. Give Ed and Deb a call and tell them Bill and Becky sent ya. You will be more than happy you did.

Good Luck

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