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Camping At Raurk West 5/21 - 5/24 Need Advice Please


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First off I'm new to this site and i just want to say i love it. Everyone seems nice and very helpful. With that being said, a buddy of mine is coming in from illonios on the 21st and we are camping at ruark until the 24th. we were orginally coming up to try to find some flat heads but the water hasnt warmed enough yet so im wanting to catch some walleye and crappie. I'm pretty familliar with the crappie but not at all with the walleye. I was hoping some of you guys wouldnt mind helping us out on where to go and what to use. If you have any advice on either that would be greatly appriciated. Thanks and good fishin!!

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Follow the "Lund boats" around and do what they are doing,lol -- mine is a grey 1775 Classic with a 90 Merck with an Oklahoma tag -- you should see me on the lake all this comming week pull up next to me and I'll show what I do to get'em -- that -- and I have hired a bunch of guides thru the years :) thats how I got started on eye fishing anyway :)

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