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11-22-06 morning at welch


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well this was my first time on upper current wade fishing... My fly gear was at our river cabin so i had to use my micro spinning setup... i didn't catch a darn trout.. not sure what i was doing wrong... i waded almost up to the spring and way down from the campground.. saw a bunch of fish, several were hitting the top of the water. looked to be a small hatch of big and little midges.. i wish i would have had my flys!!!

so i used small marabou jigs colors-- olive, light olive, red, red and white, olive and black, no luck

power bait, pink and white glitter, orage, green, white, orange/green gitter, and red salmon eggs---- no luck

corn--- just caught little suckers damnit

saw several good fish in about 6-8 feet holes.. nothing got there attention.

any advice for the next time??

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My wife and I fished at Cedar Grove on Sunday afternoon and did OK on glo-balls. We were lucky...fishing the White Ribbon area between Cedar and Akers is usually hit or miss depending on how recently the stocking truck has visited. Most of the stockers get harvested in less than a week.

If your not looking for trout for the table fish the blue ribbon area between the park and Cedar Grove. The limit in that stretch is 1 trout >18" and bait and plastic lures are prohibited. Good Luck.

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Gavin, it probably was not luck. MDC are stocking the area below Cedar Grove 12 months a year now instead of 8. They stock the same amount of fish divided by 12 as they used to stock March thru Oct. I met with the new Hatchery manager last fall and he filled me in on all of the new management procedures. A couple of years ago they started a Dec. stocking on the 11 point river also. I stumbled upon it by accident below Whitten and was catching fish like crazy which was unusual for that time of year. We would always catch several, but that day it was every other cast. Little things like this will keep our sport interesting all year round. Most of the locals have not caught on to the later stockings yet.

"Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously."

Hunter S. Thompson

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