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Big M Sunday Afternoon June 2, 2013


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Caught 5 on wacky worm, and brush hog... then redfin bite was on. Main lake points... caught 36 mixture of LM and K's...Nice chunky fish...nothing over 2.5 pounds.

Didn't get the grub bite working and did catch a couple on yellow magic pop r.

First time to use the redfin.... was big fun.

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don't know how deep they were suspended... I don't have my fish finder adjusted correctly.. could use some input... Lowrance Mark 5 2 years old.

Had the boat at times near the bluff/ point. 10 ft. deep.. throwing into 35 foot deep water.. at times we moved out over as much as 60 foot of water....wind was blowing.. many fish out much deeper than I would have dreamed.

Most fish were caught over 25 to 35 foot deep... with submerged timber

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