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The Big M 6/3/2013


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Got out there early for no purpose, my go to top water spot was not producing today. Caught a couple there, but not the 10-20 I expect from that place. Ended up with 16 total for the morning, most came on a Gunfish, a couple on a tail spinner yo-yo'd on the points, couple on plastics, one on a jig. Probably should have spent more time fishing the buck brush, if I go back tomorrow that's what I'll do if the top water bite slows. Did get a double header, and caught a keeper walleye (released) on the Rage Tail Lobster. That's 2 keeper walleye in my last 2 trips on the lobster. They seem to like it.

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Quill, three strikes and you're out. We're gonna have to impose a penalty if you live-release another keeper Walter. :)


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Nice report and pictures to boot! Thanks for keeping us up to date on the Big M area.

Topwater TRL

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