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Upper White Fishing


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Fished quite a bit in the AM's Fri, Sat & Sun with teh following results:

Fri found shad and big fish in 35-50' of water on a big flat not far up the Kings. Proceeded to catch about 15 nice white bass between 0645 and 0830. My buddy kept 8 2#'ers for a fry and we let some smaller and larger ones go. Also two short Ky's on this spot. When they turned off we went bassing and caught 3 shorts on jigs but pretty ho-hum.

Sat went back to the same spot with another buddy I had bragged it up to and the WB and shad were gone. Got fogged in on a bluff and spooned up a keeper LM and a short while we waited for the fog to lift. Once it lifted we went spooning in other spots and caught 10 more shorts in a variety of locations all at least 35' deep.

Sun had some better luck. Probably the best trip I have had in about last dozen or more. Caught 6 keepers and 4 shorts. Fishing deep trees in the mouth of coves. i.e. 45-60' of water with trees below the surface. Caught a 2.8 LM that pushed some shad to the top near enough for me to reach with a spoon. Rest of the fish were LM and KY caught on a grey tube on deep submerged trees in cove mouths.

Water temp was on the way up and about 57 yesterday.. had been closer to 55.


"A True Fisherman with a Rod in His hand, and a Tug on the Line, would not Trade His Position for the Throne of Any King"

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