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Does flourocarbon really make that much of a difference? I was on Taney Friday and Saturday and somehow managed to only catch one trout (decent rainbow). I usually do OK, not sure what I was doing wrong. I did read a report from Angler and Achers that said some were going to 8x flourcarbon. I didn't really think about it while I was there (I was using 7x mono RIO). I'll try it on the next trip I guess.

I was fishing mainly with Hare's Ear (#18), grey scud (#18-20), and olive soft hackle (#16-18).

Any suggestions here?

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It has been my experience that using flourocarbon tippet

will put more fish on the end of your line.

I use it almost exclusively unless I am fishing on top.

Flourocarbon sinks so when I'm fishing humpies or other dries;

I will use a mono tippet as it floats better.

I am sure there are others on this forum who will disagree.

That is always the case.

I prefer Scott rods...others Sage, St. Croix, Temple Fork, etc.

It's all in what you believe in.

For me....I believe the cost of flouro is worth it. B)

Rich Looten

Springfield, Missouri

"If people don't occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads,

you're doing something wrong."- John Gierach

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i agree, unless the water is dirty or it is dark, flouro is your best bet. i've been told that it is harder for the fish to see, especially when the water is gin clear

Cute animals taste better.

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I dont think line is that big of an issue...

mono or flourocarbon...

I myself use mono... 4-10lb Maxima line...

Chuck, Brett, and countless other guides site fish using scuds, eggs, sowbugs ect.. and they know how...

yes true you may catch more fish on a sunny day with no wind and no chop on the mwater using 7x or even 8x tippet (flourcarbon)..

but I have caught my fiar share of fish use Maxima line as leader..

Yesterday I was there almost all day... I was using 3x orvis leader and about 3 foot of maxima tippet 6lbs... site fishiing with a sculpin .. I caught maybe 30+ fish until the wind picked up..

It could be just the way I fish it.... but .. I dont think so..

just my thought..


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I firmly believe in flourocarbon.Leonard firmly believes in maxima. It's whatever you're comfortable with. I went to flourocarbon and never went back. It works for me. Leonard loves his maxima(yes we all know he's a little odd,hooting at the owls and running from the beavers) :)But look at the fish Leonard catches. It works for him. Try different things. If you want keep improving don't be afraid to step out of your compfort zone. Carl. See you Friday Leonard. :D .

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