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Crappie On The Grand


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I put in at Bucksaw yesterday and headed East looking for some crappie fishing. Got rained on most of the morning nice gentle warm rain I didn't mind at all cause the crapie were biting really well. I fished flats just off the main channel and caught a limit on jigs white and chartreuse and blue and chartruese. The fish weren't holding very deep 5 to 6 ft. but you had to be over at least 10' of water. I did catch a lot of 8.5 to 9 inch fish but managed a limit of 10 to 12 inch.

Since I was close to G14 I checked it out looking for some white bass and hybrids. I didn't do any good trolling but did pick up a few small whites on a tailspinner. One my way back to Bucksaw I stopped to fish in more fence row for crapie I need one more for my limit. As I pulled up to it a bunch off whites started chasing shad so I grabbed my tail spinners rod and caught three pretty nice white and one 5# hybrid. That made my day so after that calmed down I headed down the tree line and caught my final crappie.

Headed home tired and happy with a bucket full of fresh fish fillets.


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