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Missing Diver


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I can't believe they haven't found him yet. Either the search area is too large, or he wasn't where they thought he was.

If they call off the search, someone will find him eventually (unfortunate to them). I know I wouldn't want to find a corpse while I was fishing. Especially if I was trying to get my bait back and found him. Sorry to sound cold on this. Just creeps me out. I've never been around something like that and don't want to start now.

I hope they find him for his family's sake....

My guess is that his lungs filled with water after he passed out from free diving and he sank to the bottom or floated slowly while the current drifted him further than anticipated. Still.......surprised sonar hasn't picked him up yet.

Need marine repair? Send our own forum friend "fishinwrench" a message. 

He will treat you like family!!! I owe fishinwrench a lot of thanks. He has been a great mechanic with lots of patience!

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Jason where he is suppose to be is NASTY SNARL with cedars and all kinds of junk in the trees. I have tried scanning the area an its a mess. Visability at 40ft is almost nothing on the camera. Im really not surprised.

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