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Arkansas Man Drowns

Mitch f

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Yes, unfortunate. But, common. Yet we spend no time or effort discussing it. Drownings can be prevented. Getting shot in the head on a river can't. It's a completely rare occurrence. Yet, look at all the energy expended expostulating on the Meramec river shooting. One would think that we would concentrate on the 99% of things within our control, instead of the 1% that's not.

The facts are in direct opposition to the level of public outrage.

A man drowned. Yawn. A man shot and killed. Let's go!

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Control over ones actions? Pretty easy? As I have always known,.from a young age, I am a complete failure at that. ( Which obviously explains my innate negativity and the desire to inflict my sourness on others).

Selfish too (It's about ME!)

(I should stop)

(But I can't)

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Pretty easy to avoid a strainer.....Pretty easy to control your own actions....It is sad when people die because they did not.

Not always bro, if I knew I could easily avoid them they wouldn't make my butt pucker just looking at one when there's a current seam between where I am and where I wanna be.

I'm always a bit nervous on a float that hasn't been scouted in awhile.

Just 2 weeks ago I was practicing the fine art of "poling" a jon boat and got surprised twice.

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