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1St Trip To The Gasconade Report


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Decided to take the boat and head down to Jerome and put in there only to find the bridge was supposedly out..."road closed".....

so got back on I-44 and went a few miles on down to Dixon exit took hwy28 to PP and launched at Boiling Springs Camp

Ground(nice place IMO) on the water at 7am fished til noon caught smallies the whole time and a few small largemouth, average size was 12-14", used tiny torpedo

and you could cast just about anywhere and catch fish.......not really a problem with the 25hp prop motor, just had to use

shallow water driver and go slow in the shallow areas.....went down about 2 miles and went up about a mile....will definately go back.....1 1/2 hours from Eureka, not bad for a day trip. Water was fairly clear, little tint to it. Went on Sunday and seen a total of 2 canoes, 2 kayaks and maybe a half dozen jet boats......very quiet IMO.


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Very familiar with that stretch, it always has a tremendous amount of jet boat pressure, . Great to hear you enjoyed it.

"Honor is a man's gift to himself" Rob Roy McGregor

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