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Finally Caught The Fish That Had Eluded Me!

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Very nice! Go catch some more!!!

And God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the earth.

Then he made the earth round......
And he laughed and laughed and laughed....
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How 'bout them Birds?

Fan, not a sarcastic comment about the last two series.

Man, they are struggling for sure, lost again tonight, guess this is there slump for the year hopefully is all..

In the day, you could catch them in the MO portion. Then something caused them to crash.

Was talking to Brian Sloss one time about the walleye, and it seems a lot of the Missouri stocked Walleye up there, migrate down to AR. I know a fellow that live south of were I was fishing today on the River, and they regularly target walleye and catch them all winter.

There's no such thing, as a bad day fishing!

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