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Water Quality

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The corp haas posted its water quality numbers for July. There is no room for all the number here but I fiqured dissolved oxygen was the most impostant.

1.6 ppm at 24 ft at Dam

1.4 ppm at 18 ft at Ruark

1.8 ppm at 18 ft at 245 bridge

The Corp does sampling in 3' increments. If you look at their data the oxygen is around 8.6 ppm at 21'.Just 3' higher. This is a big drop in O2 in a short distance and compares to thier temperature chart so should be similar to the thermocline depth.

Remember these samples were taken on July 15th and we have had a lot of rain since so these numbers may not be accurate anymore but I thought I would shoot them pout to you guys anyway.


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