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I had a random problem with my Merc 150 motor. Took it to a local marine repair shop in Cape Fair. Left it for 3 days and paid $200+ for repair. Two weeks later had the same problem. Then took it to Ulrich Marine. Presto, it is fixed. It was a difficult problem to isolate but found a faulty wire harness. The Ulrich team were courteous, helpful, but more importantly competent and knowledgable about the Mercury line of motors. Fred was upfront and honest in trying to resolve the problem. I rarely offer recommendations, but in this case I would recommend this group to anyone needing motor or boat service. Thanks Fred and crew for making my 3 grandchildren summer vacation here in the Ozarks an enjoyable one!

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Ulrich Marine is the place to go. I had a pontoon and a bass boat almost totally distroyed in the last tornado that hit the TR area. The insurance company gave me a choice, total them or fix them. I called Fred at Ulrich Marine. He picked them up out of the lake and fixed them. I'm very satified with his work. As a matter of fact, Fred called me this afternoon, just to saw hello. I guess I'm a pretty good customer.

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