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Removing Old Paint From Pre Rapala Wiggle Warts

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I have some really clean old warts and then i have bought some recently online that have at least one coat of paint and maybe more on some. My question is how can i safely remove all the old custom paint without hurting my lures? I am wanting to have most of them custom painted by a professional such as Fall Creek or maybe one of the other guys,i looked at Oscars website and he has some great craw colors and patterns. Then there is David Ryan who does an awesome job. I would be proud to have anyone of these guys do my painting but i know they probably charge for cleaning off the old paint and if i was talking about one or two that would be no big deal but i am talking about a couple dozen or more. Anyone know what i should do?

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Check out our own TrphyFshR on the OAF, he does an awesome job, I've got a few of his custom painted Warts myself.

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