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Look What Came Over The Spill Gates....

Phil Lilley

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Haven't measured the front of my Grizzly yet but - that's a big Spoonbill! It's gills were damaged real bad but it was still alive.

Wonder what else has come over the top?

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Thats a big Spoonbill!!!

Friday Night August 2 I was down there with a buddy, we put the boat in around 10 pm and motored up to PR. On our way back down around 2 am when we got to the leaning tree there was a spoonbill it was about half that size. It looked like it was in very bad shape, fins not good and skin coming apart. Looked like it was making the death swim.

I have really been itching to get out during this high water but my new venture has me very busy during the day.

Oh well you know what they say "NO MON NO FUN"

Have a great day!!

To Know People Is To Know Thier Ways!

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Aahh, some resourceful flathead has probably repurposed that 'fridge into a Water Winnebago by now anyway.

I can't dance like I used to.

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Can you legally possess it out of season??????

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I swear I seen one near point royale last month when we were down there. It was a huge fish slowly swimming up the river. When I ran back up to try and find it again I couldn't though. I've seen enough of them swimming though and I was 99.9% sure that it was a spoonbill in the 30-40 pound range. That one pictured above is a biggun!

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