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Fishing report Thursday

Micheal Kyle

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I had a guide trip yesterday and it was awsome when we had schelued the trip it was going to happen on Wednesday with rain in the forcast last week we decided to change untill Thursday. We met at the shop at 7am and arrived down at Taney at 8am I was not for sure how much rain we had got but when I called the dam and the water level was 701.9 I knew that we must have gotten quite a bit. At 11 I called again and the water level was 702.3.

The water was extremly muddy and pretty swift with all the feeder creeks bringing in the run off. I had Clay and Jim start down by where the point is and we fished what I call a transition zone with all the water comming in there was a huge mud line and clear line. I had tied a black mohair leech on for them having them cast to the mud line and strip very fast through and they instantly started picking up fish. Nothing of real size quite a few bows Clay caught one Brown that would go 18"-19".

The rain started to let up and the fish started comming to the surface. I put a BWO #16 and they caught more fish mostly small bows. When the rain would come in and push the fish back down I tied on a crackle back #12 and they would pick more fish up mostly small bows. When we were fishing with this setup we fished up in the clear water and they were right on the south bank. By this time it was about noon and really started to rain a lot with some sleet mixed in so we moved up top to fish between 1&2.

In the moving water all we used were scuds and San Juan Worms brown, both were a #12 with a size 6 spilt shot and one palsa. I'm not sure how many fish they caught with that setup but it was a bunch. Up in those waters there were quite a few nice bows the largest one they caught was abot 17". At around 1:00pm Clay wanted me to fish because he said he learned better by watching. I chuckled and said you want to watch me I thought to myself he must not know me very well but I did fish. There was a point where if you did not catch a fish you were missing a fish on every cast. I remeber one point several times in row that all three of us had a fish on.

What a day I really thought that there would be more people out but we were the only ones there untill about 2:30-3pm some people started getting there.I would have to say between the two of them that they caught 50 fish/person and when I started fishing I had around 25 what a day. I would have posted this last night but we had no power up at our hous and when we got here to the shop I just turned right around and left. I live 40 miles north of the shop and it took me 1hour and 15min to get home. we had about 3inches of sllet and ice and about 8 inches of snow.


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