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Might Have A Winner Here

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I've been playing around with making and using in-line spinners for a couple of months now. Until this weekend, I've focused on adding rubber/plastics to the hooks. This weekend, I tied up a couple of patterns. Ran down to my buddy's pond and caught five bass and two bluegill in 15 minutes... by far the best test run I've had. Threw on a jig and the bite went cold. So, I'll add this to the list to try again and at different locations. I think it might also make a good winter trout/smallie in-line. Also had some luck with a simple white calf tail streamer with a peacock herl cap. After two fish the peacock tore off, back to the drawing board for that one.


In-line -

- Bearing

- Small inline spinner

- Bearing

- Red Bead

Fly -

Number two hook

Gold Bead

Tail: Two hen feathers with little angel hair

Body: Peacock herl

Hackle: White and red hen hackle

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PS... the feather stay seperated on this pattern when pulled through the water. I might try in brown or olive and use like a crawdad fly.

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