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Tying Video -- Nick Granato's Ghetto Tramp

Brian Wise

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The second fly in the Nick Granato Series.....The Ghetto Tramp. Built on a 3-5/0 platform, this large streamer is the real deal. Obviously a musky based fly, this thing can also be stepped down in size to chase anything that eats.

Hook - Gama Rubber Worm Hook

Tail - Flash Blend

Flash - Flashabou

Over Tail - Flash Blend

Flash - Flashabou

Body - Polar Chenille

Wing - Peacock Herl

Rubber Legs - Bass Skirt

Head - Ostrich Herl (palmered)

Eyes - CCG Eyes

Topped off with CCG Thick and CCG Hydro.

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The only issue I've had with putting ostrich in a loop is I can never get it super clean where I tie it off, but with practice I'm sure it would work.

However that would be cutting a ton of fibers off to put in the loop.

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