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New To Town - Bank Fishing

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Hey everyone,

I just moved here from Raleigh NC. I usually fish out of a kayak, but being a first year grad student I didn't want to bring it to focus on my grades. However, I can't not fish, especially having just gotten a new rod/reel with another rod on the way... From what I've read (this forum and other sources), it sounds like these lakes are along the lines of what I would be looking to fish from the bank (as opposed to Table Rock, etc.). So, how is the bank fishing at these places? Are you confined to docks? Confined to other fishing areas? Or can you pretty much walk around the lakes? What is the bass population like on these lakes? Any and all information will be more than appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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There are several places on the bank to fish around Fellows Lake. The park on the north side had plenty of access and the east end of the north arm has a dock. The marina there in the park rents boats of several types also.

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