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Anyon Familiar With Whiteside Hidden Acres?


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Not too worried about the trailer, but any info on the park? Nice place? haven't had a chance to see it in person, only going off their website. looks really nice. I know the owner is the one that opened that new restaurant Hoboes or something?

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The park modle trailer if it is yellow is four lots down from mine. I have been there for 15 years on lot 186. Good people quite most of time except holidayn week ends. Highly recommend the park. Far as I know trailer is in fair to good cond. Look me up if you are up there.

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It is not yellow. It has blueish vinyl siding with a large covered deck and a chainlink fence. They sad it was on the end. Looks nice but I am not sure it is gonna work out. We have 3 kids and were looking for something with bunks. This model h as had the bunk room removed to give them a larger living room. Also nada value is far below asking price so financing would be tough

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