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Two Trips To The Lake


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took two trips to Taney yesterday. 1st was in the morning when a buddy and I threw sculpin flies. I only caught 2 but was having lots of strikes when my buddy wanted to go home. I was not ready but I acquiesced. we always stop for coffee at Habby's in Branson West. best coffee around and very friendly gals.

2nd trip was last night when another pal and I got on the water about 10:30. I ended up with 14 all rainbows, but hooked the biggest fish of my life and I've caught a 15 lb carp and 10 lb salmon in Alaska. this fish took my fly and I thought I was hung up and actually started to wade out to free my fly. then the beast took off for the dam and I never turned him. the line screamed off the reel and I was afraid of getting spooled so I clamped down on the line and broke the tippet. I have no idea how big it was or what it was; big brown, gar, snagged paddle fish. shook me up for the rest of the night:)

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