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Fishing Report 8-29-2013


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Fishing the past few mornings has been awesome. The power generators have been off until about 1pm at least this week. I had the opportunity to take a few vets fishing last weekend during Project Healing Waters. On Saturday I had two guys that were from Ft Leonard Wood and one had never fly fishing. He got casting down quick and started catching fish. There were no generators running so we could sight fish all day. We stayed in the narrows the whole day except for the last hour. We shared the area with a few other people. We all were catching fish and we saw 1 big male brown that got everyone a little excited. We were using a 2 fly set up under a Palsa. For a couple of hours in the morning we used a red or pink San Juan worm with a #16 Rusty or Black and Copper Midge under it. Later in the morning we cahnged the Midge out for a Miracle Fly and we could watch them eat it. All of this on 7x Rio Fluoroflex Tippet.

On Sunday I have to Vietnam vets that were from the Kansas City area. Both had been fly fishing before so they knew how to cast so we started fishing right off the bat. It was a little slower but we still caught a few fish. We used the same setup but we just used the San Juan and Miracle Fly combo. Most of the fish ate the Miracle Fly and a few ate the San Juan Worm. Still used 7x Fluoroflex.

Yesterday I got out by myself and fished up by the dam between outlet 1 and 2. I had from outlet 2 up to the wire all to myself, everyone else was fishing the outlets. I used a #16 Rusty Midge and that's the only fly I fished. The power generators were off so I could see the fish and cast right at them. I like to find the highest place to fish from. The new boulders the Conservation Dept. put in work great for this. Some of them are flat on top so they are easy to stand on. I fished the midge on 7x Fluoroflex about 18 inches under a Palsa. I also got to try out Rio's new line called Perception (not in stock, but can be ordered here at Lilleys'). This line is awesome. It has only a 6% stretch as opposed to a 32% stretch with most other fly line. This allow you to have a better feel of the line helping you feel when your rod loads better. Before I used it I thought I wouldn't be able to tell the difference but as soon as I used it I could feel the difference a big difference.




Darin Schildknecht Pro Staff - Lilleys' Landing Resort & Marina Lake Taneycomo, Branson, Missouri

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