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Author Chronicles His Search For Elusive Mccloud Rainbows

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Maybe it's been a long day in the heat (It has) but all I can think of after reading that is the editor of The Drake, Tom Bie, saying something about most of the contributions to his magazine in the early days - something like "Look, if your gonna plagiarize John Gierach and submit some overly long rambling essay, just copy and paste it and then put your name on it so at least I'll have something good to read for a couple of paragraphs before I recognize it."

Of course, I'm just one guy and probably not the be-all end-all barometer of taste around here, so maybe there will be more five star reviews later.

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Gee I wonder what creek he could ever be talking about. Not like if you type the trout's name and Missouri in ANY search engine it wont pop it right up. His write up was ok but I prefer Tims reports :)

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The name is about as accurate as the rest of it. Kinda like Starlight cr. :)

One of the reasons I couldn't get through The Earth is Enough is that the descriptions of Starlight just didn't square with the area. That, and 25 pages devoted to the bus ride to -- hell, I can't remember where. It was a struggle. I may pick it back up when I'm incapacitated.

I have heard good things about the book mentioned in the article though, and it's on mt Amazon wish list (with about 50 others), to be purchased and read after I catch up on my backlog of already purchased books here at the house. If anybody's read it and wants to give an opinion, the reading list is always changing. I want it to be good --


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