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So, It Wont Happen To Me You Say

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Well that's a lesson for all of us.

I got smart about 5 years ago and bought a cheap lipper because I kept noticing that when using trebles and trying to lip bass in my yak things got dicey at times. I decided that I really didn't need to be in flowing water with a bass and my hand fighting over possession of a treble.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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Dang the luck I was so lookin forward to the free fries

What is it with kids and body piercing these days?
Nice work there, Booner. You'll be lucky to get a job at McDonald now. :D

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I been hooked several times in my 45 plus years of fishing. Fishing topwater seems to add to the risk factor. I wear eye protection and try to turn away from the incomming lure. at least try and block it with my hand or arm. This strike was so close to the kayak I didnt have time to react. I need to overcome the hookset urge when the lure is that close. No one to blame but me. taking a hook while fishing is better than being at work LOL

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I don't know about that last statement! I can't remember the last time I got a fish hook in me at work. Hopefully you got it out without too much pain and trouble. Ouch!

"you can always beat the keeper, but you can never beat the post"

There are only three things in life that are certain : death, taxes, and the wind blowing at Capps Creek!

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Strange part is I really didnt feel any pain. getting it removed,,,,,,,not painful, more a little discomfort. Got new hooks on the lure and heading back out in a couple of hours.

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