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Finally Found Some Bass


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Spent the weekend tent camping at Hawker Point. Great weather with cool evenings....perfect. Wife and I spent most of Sat. in the water floating on noodles around the boat enjoying the quiet and scenery. Fished my usual rocky banks and points between Mutton and Old State Park throwing jigs, salty craws and big worms only to manage 3 bites and 1 keeper LM. Wow.....I must suck at fishing !!! Pretty frustrating to say the least. Lots of fish on the graph and all are suspended....don't really see any hugging the bottom right now. Fishing under them for sure ! We went out Sun. morning early up towards State Park on points and chunk rock banks and same scenerio. Headed to the dam on a hunch and finally found some willing to bite. Caught a dozen or so with 4-5 keepers. They hit jig/craw and 4 inch tubes (dark melon green) Texas rigged. Fish the east side of riprap if facing the dam and drift the bait down from 15 ft into 50 ft. Kept the bait on the bottom and fish were at 30-40 dead on the bottom....they would smack it as it came off the slope. This pattern held up for over 2 hrs in the middle of the afternoon. We had to head back to drop camp and head for home but what a dandy finish to a frustrating weekend of fishing. Hope you all did somewhat better.

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thanks for the post! I am heading up this weekend. I went out to table rock and got into a school of bass at 65 foot of water. Must of caught 20 or so. If you do some fishing at Table Rock it will CONVINCE you to fish deeper at Stockton.

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