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Twin Bridges


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When I was in college, we used to fish the twin bridges area a lot. My uncle owns the land where mill creek runs into richland and he used to leave a canoe tied up down there for me to drag to the river. We never strayed too far from the main pool and the long ones on either side of it since we had to paddle back. We used to catch a ton of bass out there. We could almost always count on a 5lb fish every trip, and we never fished anything other than spinnerbaits and weightless trick worms.

There was a big flood back in 2002 or 2003 I think. Maybe 04. That flood seemed to coincide with the 45 bridge construction and the installation of the AGFC access. Ever since that happened, the bass fishing hasn't been a fraction of what it used to be. Last time out there for me was earlier this summer when it was 100 degrees and we managed a handfull of average sized spots from one area, but otherwise it was slow.

I'm sure increased access and pressure has something to do with it, but the water quality doesn't seem to be nearly as good as it used to be out there. It was always on the murky side in the summer, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it is now. Maybe the boat traffic from the ramp has eroded banks more? I don't know.

Anyway, I've got the hall pass for the evening and my normal solo spot is so overgrown with hydrilla now that it has become extremely difficult to fish. So I'm thinking about taking the big boat out to twin this evening for some crankbait fishing. The river is running about 2 CFS right now and it's down to 1.4 feet, so it's not backed up from the lake anymore. I can run some pretty shallow stuff, but probably don't want to take any chances by myself. Does anyone fish that area anymore aside from the white bass run?

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Was it not that way back in 2000?

It's astounding how much of a change there has been. That used to be one of my favorite places to fish. I caught a spot that was just over 7lbs from a canoe when I was 19. Didn't even realize it was a spot until I got the pictures back and at that age I didn't really know the difference.

Anyway, yesterday was a good time. All fish were small. Caught a few flipping laydowns and a few on a small squarebill. Tons of schools of tiny fish on the surface right now. I lost one good fish and never did see a big pod of gar worth breaking out the fly rod for.

Had the place to myself and ran about 3 miles down from Twin with no problems.

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What size of a boat did you put in? I have a 14' aluminum deep v that I've been wanting to put in at Twin Bridges, but I wasn't sure if I could get very far. I've put in at 412 and run almost up to Twin, but I'm still a little new to boating so I kinda chickened out.

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I have a 21'x56" flatbottom with a jet, but I idled through the shallow areas instead of running it and I never rubbed the bottom. Normally I'd blow through all of that but with the water as low as it was, I wasn't sure where all the trouble was. There was plenty of water though. At idle I probably draw 9 inches. Maybe 3 on plane. You might have a hard time going upstream in that boat. I'd say it would be impossible on the left side as you head up, but you might be able to get into the next pool up if you go right around the island. You won't make it any farther than the top of the next pool above the bridge - maybe a mile. You can go downstream as far as you want.

You can launch at Beavorama by the way. That's a lot better than going from the 412 bridge if you're trying to go up the river.

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Hoglaw - I will tell you I moved out there the spring of '04, when the flood was. I had fished the white bass run for years prior to that. I fished out there frequently all throughout the year for several years with minimal success. A few cats, small bass and crappie but nothing to brag on. Rareky did i ever see anyone either. It wasn't until several years after when I picked up fly fishing and targeting carp became quite the exciting challenge. I wish I had something different to say. The white bass run is still good. The most challenging part is finding space much less solitude.

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