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I have a Luhr Jenson (The King) downrigger with the baseplate.

A Cannon 8Ball weight mold.

A brand new melting pot(holds 10lbs).

2 downrigger weights(7lbs each).

18lbs of scuba weights to melt down.

Best cash offer or trade for fishing,boating items.


I also have a Dakota Alert 3000 driveway alarm system that has 2 transmitters 2 hoses and 1 receiver.

Mount the transmitter(black box) to a tree or post/fence and run the hose across the driveway.

Mount the other transmitter across your other entrance/exit of your property.

Receiver is about the size of a small answering machine.Take it in your basement or garage or wherever your at

and you will know when someone enters/exits your property.

You can have different sounds for different driveways.

Transmitters work off a 9volt battery and reaches about 600ft from the receiver.

Its nice to know that you will be alerted when your boat/car/truck/trailer/equipment is leaving your property late at night.

$100 or trade.






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