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Bass @ Loz


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Check out Flatbottom Boy's report on 9/16. He caught some shallow on a brushog and some fishing shad schools in the backs of coves (ripping a spinnerbait through them and then killing it). I haven't been down since Labor Day, so I have no first hand reports. You may wanna try twitching a fluke on dock corners (especially if they're being hit by wind). I would try topwater early and late. Maybe a football jig on main and secondary points. Good luck and report back. I won't be back down until November when I have two trips planned, so I need to live vicariously through other's reports.



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Tough bite for sure ! Big fish are just plain hard for me to find . i think that this next weather front might help them it can't hurt that is for sure. The fish have so much natural food that they are very selective on what they want and when they want to eat. You can catch fish on just about any type of lure you want and any way you want to catch them. However I can not find a real good productive pattern. .

if you are in Downing Branch cove and see Bass and Basket Bed and Breakfast and my white Champion is here. Honk, wave, yell or stop in and say hey.

Have a good safe day on the lake!

Big Ed

Sorry for the doom and gloom

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The big bass are not hard to find but it is hard to make them hit. I am sure its got a lot to do with the total abundance of shad right now. In order to get them on lures you got to play to there emotions. Its been that way all year

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I'm sure the Central Pro-Am boys learned plenty by trolling this thread. LOL

I know what ya mean Champ... Old Plug, fishinwrench and a few others have really been the only ones to give consistent reports on the LOZ forum. I try to give as much detail as possible whenever I'm able to get down there. I wish the LOZ forum was more like the Table Rock forum. I get jealous reading the Table Rock forum. I never fish TR because we have a vacation home at LOZ. I'm not sure if we just don't have that many LOZ bass guys on here, or if they are just more tight-lipped than the TR guys.

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I can give you crappie reports, not much on targeting bass. Not to say that I never do, but not that often. Now I did talk to quite a few bass fishermen this weekend, and they were all not too happy. Everyone was fishing jig and crawdad or something like that. But one guy said he was throwing a white tandem blade spinnerbait and did pretty good before the sun came up. Don't know what "pretty good" meant as far as size and numbers. This was on the Big Niangua down a round Larry Gale.

So let me know if you need a crappie report, I'm there just about every weekend. Plus I get reports from others not on the forums.



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