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I live in Stockton and work in the Belton/Raymore area just south of KC and this is the little pond i park my car by.This morning i put some new line on my pole and put a pb/pumpkin jig on but i only got one cast in and then i had to go to work.I only worked till about 1pm and was able to get a couple of casts in and some pics of the sunfish before i headed home.Ive even caught them on a big white buzzbait before.My cousin caught a 9lb bass out of this pond and put it back in.In 97 i put 5-5gallon buckets of 10-12inch bass from a lake that was being drained and so did my dad.My dad also put a 10lb cat in.This is an old pond and i know there is some big bass in it,but after you cast about 10 times the bass get spooked and all you catch is the sunfish.Thats ok cause the bottom pic is all i catch at stockton.








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