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Dam Yesterday 9/20/13


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Got out @ daylight with my brother who is a Topwater nut, no luck for him, so I threw a 1/2 oz Chompers jig with a Zoom trailer both Green/Pumkin in color out to deeper water and "Bam" a nice 3lb smallie, he got all fired up and threw faster as I brought in fish 2 and 3. On the way to the next spot he quickly put a Jig Combo on one of my extra Rods, he thought I layed it there just for him. His first cast 'Bam" looked great till it broke off, three or four cast later another break off, he thought I planned it.

I picked him out another Rod and all was well. We ended up with 12 in the boat about 1/2 were keepers, Fished mainly primary and 2nd dairy pts. in 13 to 23 ft of water only fished a few hrs." Its getting close to game on time" , so change your line.

Good luck all

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What's a dairy point?...Is that like up in Yokum Cr. or Big Brushy where the cows are standing in the water? Do you think the added nutrients from the cows are making the fish bite better in these locations?

Soaking jigs in milk overnight is the hottest trend in bass fishing. All the pros are doing it!

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