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Pepe La Pew


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I caught four midget bass and two bluegill. Two of the bass were on top in the fog. The other two came from 21 feet. I Marked many fish at that depth - all snug up to trees.

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I fished for a couple hours this afternoon. Picked up a couple shorts paralleling the bank with a DD22. 45° rocky main lake bank near point. Found a pocket near a flat that was loaded with shad. All I saw were gar in there, though.

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We did better today, hitting the lake after church, SK bridge to Campbell Pt.

My wife did great on WM color 3.5" ringed swimbait on a bullet head jig. These are jigs and plastic that I made and we were testing. Clearly I was working them too fast as she was beating me 5 to 1 and she had a limit of keepers while I only had one. I don't know if this had anything to do with it but she was using Power Pro braid with 20 lb FC leader and I was using 10 lb FC.

We worked main lake points and had our best fish targeting 25' on the inside of the points. It was just a beautiful day to be on the water and we fished until 7:30.

Back to the grind tomorrow, but what a great few days to be on this lake!

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