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Day Time Fishing

Micheal Kyle

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Had an impromptu trip to Taney yesterday afternoon with a buddy of mine from Texas, we put the boat in the water around 1pm. Knowing that they were going to be cranking it up latter on I loaded up with floating lines and sinking lines.

Started at the bluff and fished down to leaning tree using midges and the good old trusty miracle fly. Hooked and landed around 30 fish on the first drift down between the 2 of us. Then here came the water fished a 250grain sink tip with a 56er and caught fish till our arms were tired. We fished the sink tips up in front of Point Royale and the flat out in front of leaning tree.

Nothing to big just a lot of nice quality chunky fish probably had around 65-70 fish between the 2 of us. Here is a picture of a fish that Justin caught.


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