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Deep Cranking Rod


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I suppose it does.depend on store and who's behind the counter. Really surprised they exchanged a rod that wasn't house brand though. Still rather buy from a local "mom and pop" store especially when they have exactly what BPS has and the price is close or less. I think Johnny's got enough money by now. Lol

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Shimano has an over-the-counter, full replacement policy on their rods. At least they did for several years and I haven't heard that it's been changed. Donna and I have exchanged a bunch of 'em at Hook LIne & Sinker in Rogers and Bella Vista. They are bad to break about 18 inches down from the tip ... Crucials and Compres both.


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here is my two cents on the subject. it is very hard to actually tell what type of feedback a rod is going to give without fishing with it. i have used many of my friends specifically designed "crankin" rods, and have yet to find one that i would use or buy for myself. here is why. you can not feel the wobble of the crankbait. you can feel the pressure it puts on the rod, but not the vibration or wobble of it. many of the bass that i catch on any type of crankbait, the pressure never changes, but the wobble will. if you are not feeling the wobble, there are lots of bass with the crankbait in its mouth, and you will never know it. i have two rods, both of unknown brand or make. one is 7ft. for lighter crankbaits, and the other is a 7'6" for bigger cranks. both rods will transmit even the tight non-discernable vibration coming off a shad rap. i used to have a bps 7' boron, which they no longer make, and i finally broke it. it took me a very long time to find replacements that gave the same feed back. i have many sit in the boat with me not catching anything on their crankbait, and i knew they had to be getting bites just the same as me, because we were throwing the same thing, on the same line. i have let them use my rod for a bit, and instantly they are catching bass, and all have commented that they can not feel the wobble of the crankbait on their rod, and they felt that change in wobble when the bass were taking the crankbait on my rod.

yes, you do need a rod with a little bit of give for a crankbait, but it also needs to giving you feedback on the vibration.


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There are 3 deep cranking sticks that I have used a bunch (mostly at LOZ) over the last 7 or 8 years, I guess...In order, from softest to most powerful...

Shimano Cumara (Reaction) 7'11" MH-F (came action as the Crucial listed earlier in the post)...

Dobyns Champion 805 CB RM (My currrect deep cranking stick)

St. Croix Legend Tournament Magnum Cranker 7'10" Hvy.-Mod (Kind of a beast but awesome for maximizing casting distance with these 1 oz.-ish baits)..

Feel free to PM me is you have any questions about any of the 3...

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